Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are the ones we get asked most often plus a few we included to better illustrate the ManEx system's features. If you have additional questions, or if you would like to offer comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    As an Electronics Manufacturer, why would I want a ManEx system over other software in the industry?
    ManEx Software was designed specifically for Electronics Manufacturers by people who have many years of experience in this field. Thus, ManEx knows what you want and need from Accounting, to Material Planning, Production, Sales and Shop Floor Tracking.

    Is ManEx flexible to adapt to our specific company needs?
    When considering ManEx, you can choose between an ERP System (Sales and Accounting Management, Material Planning and Purchase Order Management, Production Engineering, Production Work Order Management and System Management and Utilities ) or an MES System (Sales and FGI Inventory Management, Production Engineering, Production Planning and Shop Floor Control and System Management and Utilities). Then, you can choose additional optional modules to fit the specific needs of your company. You can add additional modules and user licenses at a later date, as your company grows and your needs change. We will also be constantly seeking partnerships with other software developers to make available the latest and best technology that meets the needs of ECM's.

    Is ManEx the type of software that may work for awhile, but then become outdated due to technological advances of the industry and our competitors?
    ManEx is constantly researching the best ways for our customers to conduct business and is always improving our functionality to keep pace not only with the world of technology but that of electronics contract manufacturing industry. Our partnership with Qubeware Inc. offers a good example of this. It provides ManEx customers access to the very latest software technology in a format that is very simple to use. Through partnerships like this as well as in-house innovations, we will continue to provide our customers the most up-to-date and effective solutions available, all tailored for the specific needs of ECM's.

    Does ManEx Software have Password Security?
    Yes. In System Set-up, a company can determine what actions will require approval of certain employees which will be implemented by Password Security.

    I heard that ManEx has Triggered Alerts. What does this entail?
    Triggered Alerts can be set up to provide immediate notification or batch alert to provide notification at predetermined times of the day to specific individuals regarding certain events. For example, a batch alert could be set up to notify certain individuals every Friday at 1:00 p.m. concerning all late Work Orders that week. Periodic alerts and reminders can also be set up to send various types of messages with attached data. In System set-up, a company can define the details of specific alerts they want, in addition to ManEx defined automatic alerts.

    In addition to the reports generated by the ManEx System, can my company define and create their own customized reports? If so, how is that done?
    ManEx is designed to link with industry standard Crystal Reports for user customized report writing. These reports generated can be integrated into the ManEx reports menu for proper system security.

    Can the ManEx data be shared with other software systems at my company in order to analyze and view the data beyond the capacity of ManEx?
    Yes. In addition to the multitude of reports and graphs generated by ManEx, ManEx data can be exported to spreadsheets (such as Excel) and databases (such as Access). It interfaces with both Crystal Reports and Qubeware, which includes extensive business intelligence capabilities.

    How would ManEx assist us in complying with ISO (9000, etc.) requirements?
    Built into each module, users will find ISO documentation, logging and tracking requirements, all aimed to conform to ISO. Our partnership with Qubeware, provides additional in-depth and powerful functionality that makes quality compliance and operations easier and more streamlined.


    What price information can be obtained from a ManEx System?
    The software allows a user to establish pricing for a product with multiple price breaks based on quantity. A user can also search for sales price breakdown information including labor, materials and overhead costs. A specific pricing structure can be designated for a particular customer. ManEx has the ability to assign industry classification, discount policy and standard mark-up policy by a customer and part. Product costing and quotation can be done via standard, weighted average or supplier cost quoting.

    With a ManEx System, does it still take days or weeks to provide a quote to our customers?
    No. ManEx allows users to provide quick and accurate quotes by inserting just a few key variable. Integration with the Qubeware system even allows quotes to be done instantly online by either your employees or your customers.

    What type of information can be obtained from ManEx knowing the PO Number?
    A user can check the status of a PO Number. He/she can also search a Sales Order knowing the PO Number, Part Number or Order Date.

    What information can be set up regarding "Bill-to" and "Ship-to"?
    ManEx allows the users to set up multiple Bill-to and Ship-to information along with special instructions.

    Can a Sales Order automatically enter a price based on the quantity ordered?
    Yes, once the initial information has been entered into the system.

    Can you explain some ways that ManEx creates and handles invoices?
    Invoices are automatically created when the shipment is made and the packing list is printed. Accounts receivable is automatically increased by the amount on the invoice. A customer's check can be applied against more than one invoice. The system has the ability to generate pro-forma invoices, as necessary (along with order acknowledgement and confirmation for contract review). The software allows for partial payment on an invoice. ManEx will generate invoices (and packing lists) using pre-printed or laser generated forms.

    Does ManEx allow a user to analyze open Sales Orders?
    Yes. ManEx allows a user to analyze all open Sales Orders with sort options and detailed drilldown of critical functions to communicate with customers on-line.

    Can a ManEx user review and analyze open Work Orders and product lead time?
    Yes. ManEx has the ability to analyze product lead-time and open Work Orders with WIP (Work In Progress) drill-down and Finished Goods Inventory (FGI) Status.

    How does ManEx handle Return Material Authorization (RMA)?
    The system provides a formal RMA process with a number automatically assigned. A reason can be assigned to an RMA which would speed up the process of subsequent analyses of RMA's. An RMA report can be printed. ManEx maintains RMA history information. ManEx tracks shipment by serial numbers or lot numbers for maintaining shipment details to be used by RMA (and other modules).

    Does ManEx provide information respecting the credit status of customers?
    Yes, ManEx allows a user to review the credit status of a customer prior to entering a Sales Order.

    Can a company build to one revision and ship to another revision at the Packing Slip level?
    Yes, a user can build to one revision and ship to another revision at the Packing Slip level with shipping history maintenance.

    What are some of the General Ledger features provided by ManEx?
    Payables are automatically distributed to the General Ledger based on a processing command by the user. The General Ledger gives a wide range of entry options while also being compatible with standard accounting principles. The system provides a General Ledger transaction register and allows a three stage reporting and posting process.


    Does ManEx allow a company to have more than one part number for each part? If so, how many different part numbers can a part have?
    Yes, ManEx has the ability to provide and maintain four part numbers (internal, manufacturer, supplier and customer part number) for each part.

    How does ManEx maintain inventory accuracy?
    The system provides a Cycle Count and Physical Inventory function to maintain inventory accuracy.

    What is that unique feature I heard about ManEx regarding Approved Vendor Lists?
    An AVL (Approved Vendor List) can be input into the system to track vendor lists for each part for each customer. The system also has the ability to pre-determine AVL by internal part number or by each customer part number to allow automatic AVL loading when creating a BOM and ECO.

    What is the goal of ManEx MRP (Material Requirements Planning)?
    The goal is to drive your company toward Zero inventory. The system allows analysis of MRP actions on-line with multiple drilldowns and provides for sorting and viewing MRP hot lists by days late, by required action and /or by buyer. MRP calculates the available inventory to meet the company's requirements and automatically keeps track of AVL requirements for each order to select the most efficient ordering of parts. Reports can be created revealing the demands and supply existing or suggested by MRP.

    How are part numbers assigned?
    ManEx has a rules based automatic part number set-up and generation in the Item Master.

    What are some of the features of ManEx pertaining to BOM (Bill of Materials)?
    BOM can be set up by where used (work center and location on the board), buy and consigned material, whether used in a kit, free stock, or back-flush and offset days. The system can explode and contract multi-level BOM on-line including both make and phantom parts (up to 512 levels). A user can request global replacement across all BOM's with security control. The system can maintain BOM status as active or inactive, change history and track when it was last changed.

    How does ManEx handle cross-referencing manufacturers to suppliers?
    With ManEx, a user can view supplier line cards and part manufacturer listing and be able to cross-reference it back to suppliers.

    What PO (Purchase Order) Status information would be maintained by ManEx?
    A user can see all open PO's and PO's can be correlated to a Work Order. This allows a user to determine which late parts, if any, are holding up a PO.

    How does ManEx maintain information on suppliers?
    ManEx allows users to maintain detailed information about all vendors involved in purchasing. Key information on each supplier is detailed. "Remit to" information is also stored.

    Can ManEx distinguish between different types of stock on hand in a company?
    Yes. ManEx can differentiate between consigned, turnkey, supplier, in stores and company owned stock.


    Does ManEx allow a user to log and track a product?
    Yes, a user can log and track a particular product to a specific Work Center. With ManEx, a user can locate a customer's product on the floor, determine what products have shipped and see when the next shipment is expected.

    Can you explain the process of Product Routing?
    There is a primary product routing set-up and the ability to add alternate routings by each work center. When a product is released from Outsourcing, the receipt will move the product to the next work center within the Shop Floor Tracking module. By product, companies can create, view and print instructions, traveler or real time move ticket and process work instructions including by work center.

    Can a user view late or on-hold orders?
    Yes, a user can graphically view late and on-hold orders summary and work order process flow with time and dates by Work Centers.

    What type of reports can be generated from ManEx to manage a Work Order?
    Reports available through ManEx include those displaying all Work in Process, Quantity in each Work Center and Work Order Summary Reports.

    What are some of the features available with Real Time Shop Floor Tracking?
    Specific users with security authority can move products from one Work Center to another. Supervisors have the authority to over-ride the next routing location to move products to an established Work Center for that product. The status of any Work Order is available here. A wider variety of Work in Progress Reports are available here. Users can provide feedback to the engineering department on the Work Order or on the Work Instructions.